Bare Baxe Ltd produces an extensive range of delicious, low calorie, free-from granola and granola bites. Our products are nut free, gluten free, vegan, dairy free and egg free and are packed with flavour and goodness. Bare Baxe granola combines the benefits of healthy eating with a tasty, low calorie meal or snack that can be enjoyed by everyone, including the many sufferers of allergies for whom finding safe and flavoursome products can be a frustration and a challenge.

Bare Baxe Ltd is continually expanding its flavour range, providing new, delicious alternatives to inspire our customers’ taste buds. Healthy eating and a delicious treat no longer have to be mutually exclusive! 

We hope you enjoy.



Innocent, Free & Low Calorieee

Bare Baxe was founded by like-minded friends, dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle. Bare Baxe was always an aspiration of Megan’s due to her long term health condition. This was exasperated by eating certain foods that triggered her symptoms. When looking to purchase these free from products she learned there was very little on the market that didn't include high amounts of sugar and fat. After that she approached a friend who had experience in baking and we developed our products together and became Bare Baxe. Bare Baxe was born, cooking and creating with love. 

At Bare Baxe, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish.

Love Megan & Jan x